Vacations are great for the family to enjoy and to rest without stress. We often cannot bring our best friend to toggle along because of the strict pet policy that some resorts mandates. It is also to protect other guests who are allergic to animal dandruff.

One of the main stresses before going on a vacation is to figure out the best possible place to board your animal(s). One of the main source that you may look into is your vet office, to see if they have a boarding service. Which is fine but take it into consideration that the vet office may offer you boarding service for a fee, but, yes theirs a but, is their certified and qualified boarding staff on the clock at the office 24/7 to watch over your animals as their being boarded? The best way to find out is to do some of your own research. Drive pass your vets office late at night to see if theirs any cars parked in the parking lot, and to see if the lights are on. If not then most likely nobody is inside and that theirs no one truly watching the overnight boarded animals. Although the idea about boarding an animal  at a vet office is awesome, but why do people take their animals to the vets? because their healthy? No. They’re sick and diseased. Are you willing to expose your animals to this kind of environment?

Privately owned cageless pet boarding services
While this may sound great for a lot of people… theirs a drawback that comes with it. When a group of dogs roam freely inside of a house, or backyards, they start producing what we call “Canine Pack”. When this happens the behaviors of the dogs changes. One may want to become the alpha while the other fears and becomes the Omega. We also have another group which is in the middle, the Beta. You may get 2 or 3 dogs that truly want to take on the Alpha role and starts becoming aggressive towards each other. We then have a full fledged fight occurring. Depending on the sex of the dog, and the dog it self, the fight can become serious if not deadly. Why take the risk?

A friend or a neighbor.
Although it’s not rocket science to figure out who would be more suitable to watch over your dog while you’re away, Make sure that they’re responsible and caring. When you bring your dog over to your neighbors, or to a friend’s house. Make sure you bring along a crate. It can be a fold down metal crate or an airport quality crate. 48-inch (or 42-inch)XXL dog crate would be an ideal crate size that you will need to comfort your German Shepherd Dog while you’re away. Make sure your friend or your neighbor has the appropriate information including vet if anything drastic happens while you’re gone.

I do not recommend that you leave your animals behind at the house and hire someone to come to your house to feed and to take care of your dog. Anything can happen, like your house catching on fire or the person might not be who you think they are. You just might find your important items such as your important expensive jewelry to have vanished. Be careful is the keyword

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